Everything Jimmy


Eight years ago, we welcomed a miracle in our lives.  He has been a source of joy with his amazing and creative energy, as well as annoyance with his mischievous and naughty ways.  In honor of his birthday which we cannot celebrate together in person, let’s have a blast grooving and dancing to Jimmy’s favorite, Monkey Dance.  He’s got all of us moving to this catchy beat.  Jimmy loves hugs and cuddles and is so malambing.  Hope he stays that way beyond this global blip.

Jimmy has been persistently wanting to be a YouTuber and here is his very own YouTube channel called Turtle.  (Please feel free to like the videos.)  Jimmy is quite attached to his turtle stuffed toy named Fluffly which he got during the release of a big batch of pawikan hatchlings last year.  We have to stop him from wasting the alcohol on Fluffy and every now and then, he’ll ask me to sew parts that are torn from too much love which you can never have too much of really.

Counting down Jimmy’s list of favorites: playing with friends, turtles, Pokemon, ice candy, ice cream, marshmallow, steak, corned beef, french fries, junk food, breakdancing, GoNoodle, Japan, Hero’s Journey, video games, Just Dance, Catbug, fencing, sword fight, Miraculous, Crab Rave, fortune teller origami . . . .



Over this quarantine period, Jimmy created the Lizard Book which he hopes to publish someday. Slide1Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Slide6Slide7Slide8Slide9Slide10Slide11Slide12Slide13Slide14Slide15Slide16Slide17Slide18Slide19Slide20Slide21Slide22Slide23Slide24Slide25Slide26Slide27Slide28Slide29Slide30

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