Finding Home: Magical Macampao


In our four years and five camps of doing Hero’s Journey, we have been dreaming of having a base camp where we can stay for several days straight instead of moving from one place to another.  It was getting tiring hopping in and out of vehicles, packing and unpacking, herding kids from resort to resort even if those were by beautiful beaches.  Time could be better spent playing more games, having more outdoor activities, just chilling, chatting, creating and savoring moments.

When we reached Macampao Beach Resort also in Zambales, it felt like we found home, like everything we wanted our camp to be was there.  It was magical. The rooms felt like your very own treehouse and the view to the sea felt you were standing at the prow of an ocean ship. The activities available included kayaking, rafting, carabao sled ride, horseback riding, fishing and they had the most amazing food serving us pumpkin flower tempura, too many delicious dishes to mention, a rich variety of fruits and superb suman. They topped all in cleanliness and personalized attention.  They wrote each of our names in pink on a shiny black slate by each room door; they had flowers in bottles labeled Hero’s Journey 2020 and welcome Hero’s Journey on the chalkboard by a canopied queen daybed.  And to top it all off – it was all ours, at least for the two days and one night that we were there.  It was ours exclusively including the beach that had hammocks, wooden swing seats and huts festooned with capiz shells that tinkled and sang with the wind.



Taj is our resident artist who in the past, made art works with the kids using objects from the beach.  For this camp, they made headdresses from natural and man-made materials. They did printmaking on paper and on t-shirts.  Each kid designed their names and cut them out to be silkscreen printed on any extra shirt they had.  There were “mistakes” that in Taj’s artistic hands turned out happy.  In Macampao, Taj settled in an ideal art workshop studio nestled among trees, open yet still protected from the elements.



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