And We’re Off!


Our first week in our own home in Taguig: we tried it out for size and fit in quite cozily.  Abot Tala feels now more than ever, more real, not just an envisioned, imaginary object that’s been drawn in our minds and talked about in countless discussions and meetings to push, prod and birth it into actuality.   We hope news about this option reaches those who need it.  We hope to serve, grow and nurture the community of families who want this kind of alternative.  As our tagline says: what school could be if we could redesign and redefine it.  There are people out there who want to do just that and we’d like to get to know you.

Abot Tala is open Mondays to Thursdays 9am to 3pm and is located at the second floor of the Tres Palmas Commercial Arcade, Pedro Cayetano Ave., Taguig.  Check out our program for June-July here.  Feel free to visit our website or our space in Tres Palmas.

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