It’s a celebration of two months worth of summer program, priceless camaraderie, mentorship, self-directed learning and finally finishing the space where we will operate a type of school you could only dream of and never thought could happen unless people got together to make sure it happened, because we deserve the freedom to be ourselves and we have the right to own and shape our education.  And celebrate we did with loud music, awards, games, laughter and too much pizza mixed in with all the happy excitement of having arrived at a much-awaited place.

It’s not just the two months that we are celebrating, though.  It’s over a year of planning and preparing for this day.  It’s years of gestation in our minds and souls until things, puzzle pieces and happenstance coagulated and slid into spot.

We’re also celebrating a new starting line, wondering where this adventure will lead us as we take one leap of faith after another.

Two months ago, that space looked like this:

And was transformed to this:

Thank you to everyone who journeyed and are journeying with us!  Without your support and encouragement, we wouldn’t have made it this far.


Check out our program for June-July!



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