Missing and Moving


We’re going to miss this place that’s been a cozy home for two months and has made it possible for a seemingly impossible start-up like us to exist.  Thanks to Ross and Inigo of Commune for being welcoming and supportive way beyond the call of duty.  Thanks to all the staff at Commune for making it a positively wonderful time.  Thanks to the families for their willingness to try something out-of-the-box.

Kids who wanted to take a shot at being a barista were able to test their skills, while others fell in love with two cool cats who silently roamed and owned the space.  Art, poetry, music, first aid, geek culture, photography, freedom space, board games, financial literacy, self-esteem, happiness, creative journaling, Spanish, Japanese, math gym, fact or fiction, ukulele — a full summer, indeed!

A Google Ode to Mirage and Mocha

I can’t stop myself from saving these from Google images:

And I wasn’t even at Commune most of the time.  I was living Abot Tala vicariously through Owie since my task entailed me to be at the other side of town, getting the renovation of our space in Tres Palmas, Taguig through to the finish line.  Now, it’s done and all that’s needed are the furniture, appliances, books, community and most importantly . . . . a pet.

We’d love to tell you about how school could be redesigned and redefined for the 21st century learner.  Come on over and have coffee and tea with us!


P.S. Two words.  Spam fries.






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