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Upon the urging of Mavis and Lia to make a one minute video for Abot Tala, Owie and I were stoked to come up with a script.  Here are the options:

Video script by Owie dela Cruz:

If you could redefine and redesign “school” for teens – fit for the 21st century  – what would it look like?
Before you answer, take a second to think of all the paradigm shifts happening around us.
What if teens had the freedom to spend their time learning what matters to them?
What if classes and mentorship sessions were crafted based on whatever the learners are really interested in and it constantly evolves as their needs change?
What if we trained them in making life decisions, including how to manage their time, by allowing them to choose their schedule and classes instead of telling them what to do. You know, to actually prepare them for the real world.
What if teens struggling in the current school system – for whatever reason – just need a change in environment?
What if I told you that this option exists here in Manila?
Abot Tala is an alternative to mainstream school. It’s not an after-school program.
It’s a personalized learning space where teens don’t study for quizzes, tests and grades. They’re there because they enjoy learning. They’re inspired to work hard because they get consistent quality feedback and mentorship.
Abot Tala.
It’s what school would look like if we could redefine and redesign it.
Set a family meeting with us. We’ll tell you more about it.
Abot Tala is a member of the liberated learners network.

Video Script by Owie dela Cruz: From a Teen’s Point of View:

I know you value school and it prepared you for the world you grew up in and that’s great.
But take a look around you. So many things have changed and continue to evolve.
My needs as a learner are far different now.
We’re called 21st century learners and according to research, what our generation needs in order to thrive in today’s world are creativity, critical thinking, collaboration & communication.
Our happiness, relationships, mental health and stuff we’re passionate about are just as important as learning academics.
And we need a learning community that supports that.
A safe space where we can discover who we really are and what we’re passionate about.
A community that encourages us to embrace our uniqueness and inspires us to help make the world a better place.
Classes and mentoring sessions that allow us to make mistakes as well as voice our opinions, so we could learn to process our thoughts and make wise decisions while we’re young.
We need mentors who respect us, guide us and believe in us.
We don’t need grades to tell us if we’ve done a good or bad job.
After all, high grades don’t translate to bright futures.
We don’t need tests to check if we were listening in class.
We need rich learning experiences, discussions and consistent feedback so we can improve and constantly strive to be better.
The school system may work for some of my friends…
but there are teens like us who need an alternative to mainstream school.
What we need is finally here in Manila.
Yup, this place exists and it could be the answer your teen is looking for too.
Abot Tala is what school looks like if we could redesign and redefine it.
Visit for more information.

We made a script based on the flyer which I thought was stilted compared to the ones above but then Tinky liked it so it’s in the running, too.


What if your kids can choose what they learn?
What if your kids could learn without stress and pressure?
What if your kids could grow and thrive in a space rooted in love and passion?
If they could, they would reach for the stars.
Abot Tala is an alternative to mainstream school that may provide the answers you’re looking for.
Is your child bright but bored in school?
Learns differently?
Pursues something seriously?
Suffers from anxiety?
Doesn’t want to sit and listen all day?
Simply wants to be the author of his own education?
Maybe your child is already homeschooling but searching for a community without the rigid structure of school?
In Abot Tala, say goodbye to homework overload, chasing grades, standardized curriculum.
In Abot Tala, say hello to caring mentors, flexibility, interest-based learning, small welcoming community.
Learning is personalized
and collaborative.
What do you get from Abot Tala?
Once a week one on one mentoring sessions
Classes, workshops, tutorials – attend only those that you are interested in
It’s a community where young people feel free to be themselves, to know themselves deeply and what makes them come alive, to discover and develop their gifts and talents, to soar towards goals and dreams they set for themselves within their own time and terms, not other’s.
If school is not working for you, know that there is an alternative.


Which one among the three options would you choose?




Check out: Abot Tala


2 thoughts on “Video Googoo

  1. this is what i see as the crucial part: “What if teens had the freedom to spend their time learning what matters to them?” in other words, teens have different things that matter to them. to follow this precept, do not choose from only 3 – ask many people to write their scripts/produce their videos, and then choose from among the many. my advice? it comes from st therese of lisieux: i choose all!


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