All the Love in China


In a parallel universe, if we hadn’t left China to live in the Philippines, how will our lives be?  Perhaps a tad more idyllic, simpler, a tad less dramatic but still with it’s own cinematic potential.  Certainly more economical.

Jason, Joshua and Jimmy had a month and a week in China and I followed them after and stayed for ten days, just enough time to reunite with the family and enjoy meals, the bath house and a short getaway together.

I was gone from China for almost ten months and what I missed the most is the excellent park life.  This is the party place, happening hang-out where the Chinese congregate instead of bars in the west.  The new fangled gimmick that wasn’t there before I left is the portable, strike anywhere, pop-up karaoke using cellphones on stands.   Instant KTV!  I wish they had English songs I could sing to and embarrass my family with.

The unbeatable food — where else can you get this sumptuous bowl of ribs for an amount you will never ever get elsewhere?

We had a holiday within a holiday in the grasslands of Bashang, Inner Mongolia, one of Jason’s favorite spots in China where we were re-united with a great friend, Xiao Ya Juan who’s living her dream life amongst flowers, trees and blue skies.  Joshua and Jimmy had a blast playing counterstrike war with weapons that spewed out these tiny bullets that expanded when placed in water.

From Bashang, we headed straight to Jixian to meet up with family and relish what I will always miss in China – the outdoor barbecue during summer.

Then it was back to Dagang where the time is much, much too short saying hello and goodbye at the same time.

I leave you with shots of the perfect office for me and for Joshua:



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