Verbal Vomit

There are too many things we can’t understand about our country, too many things that sadden us but we go on with our laughter and our lives because that is what we do.  My visitor from the US took pictures of the garbage washing up on the shores of Manila Bay.  He was surprised meeting thirteen year old kids who look like they’re seven because they live in poverty and don’t get proper nutrition.  And then we have leaders ousted for plunder and corruption who are put back into positions of power and privilege.  And we have leaders proclaiming that change is coming only to shove the same shit into our faces like the garbage that keeps washing up on our shores, like that man slinging verbal abuse to the woman who keeps taking it, like this never ending tragedy of a nation going to the dogs because it’s in the population’s DNA to be ruled by self-interest.  Self-interest in a fancy dress with fancy words that lull us into a hypnotic state of habitually eating trash, mountains of trash shoved into our bellies.   We are Manila Bay – this grand receptacle for the unwanted, dirty and disgusting.  Do not tell me to vote with my conscience because whose conscience are we listening to if this is the result? Do not tell me that I’m not doing enough, not participating in politics enough, because is it not enough that we have made this hell ourselves, collectively, consciously?


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