Who Wants to Flip It?


Who wants to reverse the usual equation of education?  Who wants to have more time exploring what he or she personally wants to know, study, experience, apply, work on and develop and less time cramming the information and knowledge society, school and even family requires one to master by certain prescribed ages?  Oh if we could, but we can’t because this is how society has evolved through time and there is pressure to perform and produce according to expectations.  But say, we wanted to hop off the train because we don’t have to buy the ticket if we don’t want to go to their destination.  Say we have a destination in mind that doesn’t necessitate taking that one train, would we take it?

flip slide

I was pleasantly coerced by destiny to use the Business Canvas Model.  Professor X showed it to me hinting I might want to use it.  Just a few days prior to meeting Prof X, my friend Trina tells me that she’s using the Lean Canvas for her start-up and that I might want to consider it, too.  I checked it out and thought it’s too complex then something urged me during a moment yesterday.  After going through some Youtube videos, I was able to come up with this.  Thanks to Trina and Prof X, we can see what Abot Tala is all about in one page.


Following are presentation slides introducing Abot Tala:











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