Resonating Light


If there was something like the Blended Learning Center (BLC) near where we lived when we tried homeschooling for a year, I probably wouldn’t have quit homeschooling.  I believe in the idea of homeschooling but I don’t want to be the one to teach my kids (at least not the academics — sorry too much teeth-pulling for me and them) plus, I prefer to work.

What I personally believe in more than homeschooling is that it takes a village to raise a child — a community beyond the child’s family and that is what Blended Learning Center provides.  I admire how a lot of homeschooling families have this socialization aspect down to a science — arranging classes, field trips, joining and forming co-ops but for some, the convenience of a regular “school in disguise” is still a preferred necessity.

For me, alternative centers like BLC are like schools in disguise but they shouldn’t be because they may actually be what schools ought to be in an ideal world.  Perhaps in the future, centers like BLC will be more of the norm rather than the rare exception.  They are what schools would look like if governments and institutions have not monopolized and desecrated to a certain degree what shouldn’t be about dragging your feet every morning to prisons disguised as classrooms.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures to show for the visit I made yesterday to BLC with my husband and sons.  The photos here are culled from the BLC website.  I was too busy listening to the teachers sharing their ideas and experiences about non-traditional education to a group of eager parents.  BLC has programs for pre-school, elementary all the way up to high school students (up to Grade 10).

While the parents sat focused, all the kids played ball and ran around the garden.  Every time they kicked the ball higher than usual, I was afraid it would go over the wall.  It went and slid down the roof once.

For families seeking a way out of a system that may be constricting (maybe even crushing) the spirit of their children, this invitation from BLC may resonate:

Sound Familiar?

-Too Many students in one class,
-Students Are Ranked Against each other based on a prescribed one-size fits all curriculum
-Show and Tell Teaching Methods which forces students “to memorize” instead of “to understand, analyze and challenge”
-Manila Traffic + Long School Hours = No time to play outdoors, children resort to too much gadgets
-Huge class size, students can either become unsupervised and can result to bullying.

What If….

-Learning can be Passion Driven, Project Based and anchored on “Real Life”
-Learning can be customized depending on their interests
-A Typical school day can be flexible, self paced and learning centered
-The school becomes a safe learning environment, with dedicated teachers, better teaching materials, free from bullying

Based on Studies Non Traditional Learning Provides an Environment for our children where:

-Development is Accelerated
-They become Focused and Passionate at what they Do
–They Develop Self Accountability and Worth
-And they become “Experts” early on

Learn How this is Possible.

How I wish there was a BLC in every part of Metro Manila, not just Cubao and preferably walking distance from where I live.  Long, heavy sigh.  We can only dream.

Here’s what BLC offers:

While all programs at BLC-Manila cater to families who are not of a traditional mold, there are some common qualities that we see in our Blended and Homeschool parents that might help you make a decision. Check out what you think fits you best:


Perfect for:

– families who want to homeschool but can’t commit to a full-time “homeschool schedule”.

– children who don’t thrive in traditional classroom or school set-ups, but still prefer socialization.

– families who like to travel and take their children along.

– families who like flexibility and are “allergic” to the unreasonable rigor of traditional schools.

– families who believe that understanding, and appreciation is a better hallmark of learning than getting high grades.


Perfect for:

– parents who want a first-hand say in how their child/ren are taught.

– families who live outside Metro Manila or the Philippines.

– children recovering from a trauma, and are getting ready to re-enter the mainstream.

Tutorial Services for students
For regular academics and project support.

PEPT preparation for Grades 1-10
Review and consultation on Department of Education-accredited requirements.

PEPT + for Grades 7-10
Review and consultation on Department of Education-accredited requirements, plus expanded classes and activities that add more value to the learning process.

Teacher Training on Blended Learning

Our inward-bound approach to being the best teacher you can be.

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