An Invitation to Those Questioning the Education System


We’re forming the Abot Tala team and reaching out to teachers, parents, students who may be questioning the education system and wishing there was an alternative for teenagers.  We are reaching out to those who believe in the freedom to direct one’s own educational path from what to learn and how to learn what one has chosen.

What Abot Tala offers:

  • A safe, dynamic, welcoming community of learners who believe that self-directed education is the most authentic and innovative way to support young people so that they thrive and become productive adults
  • A bridge and a way to help teenagers live and learn outside the traditional school system through mentorship and by utilizing the wealth of opportunities in the community
  • An educational experience that supports and encourages independence, resourcefulness, flexibility and collaboration in a non-coercive, dynamic environment where young people can create their own pathways based on their passions and interests
  • A space where young people feel free to be themselves, to know themselves deeply and what makes them come alive, to discover and develop their gifts and talents, to soar towards goals and dreams they set and cfor themselves

 Who do we serve?

  • Young people who believe that school is doing more harm than good to them
  • Young people who want to get out of the school system but do not know where to start
  • Young people who are already homeschooling or unschooling but wish to be part of a community that meets regularly
  • We serve young people ages 13 – 19. We can consider younger or older members on a case-by-case basis.

 What does membership in Abot Tala include?

  1. Mentoring and coaching – each member will have an advisor. The advisors are full-time and part-time staff at Abot Tala.  Through regular meetings, we help envision and realize goals, track progress, organize tutorials and facilitate community connections.
  2. Access to all classes and workshops offered – the classes and workshops will be determined by the interest of the members and the expertise of the mentors, staff and volunteers of Abot Tala. All classes and workshops are optional and open to every member.
  3. Family conferences – each member and his parents will meet with the advisor at least two times a semester (one semester is five months) to map out possibilities and review progress and achievements. More meetings are scheduled as requested.  Parental involvement is encouraged.
  4. Personalized approach – the focus is on individuals and their particular strengths, needs and goals. We meet teens where they are and support them in becoming whomever they want to be. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, we ask: “What are you good at? What do you love to do?” and build from there.
  5. Collaborative learning – teens can teach each other; find common interests and have group tutorials; traditional schools emphasize competition while we emphasize collaboration

 What about going to university in the future?

  • If the family wants to comply with Dep Ed requirements, we can assist them through our partner, the Gopala Homeschool Support
  • If the family does not want to go through Dep Ed, should the time come that the young person wants to attend university, then we can map out a plan together with the student on how to apply and get in the university.

 What Abot Tala is Not

  • Abot Tala is not a school. We do not give certificates, grades or report cards.
  • We are not a homeschool provider although we can refer you to providers. We can help you with homeschooling requirements through Gopala, our homeschool support partner.
  • We are not a homeschool co-op. We do not organize families to become a homeschool co-op which homeschooling families can do on their own.


Full-time membership: 4 – 5 times a week

Part-time membership: 2 – 3 times a week


Membership Includes:

  • Advisory relationship with Abot Tala Core Staff Member
  • Family meetings with Abot Tala Staff
  • Development of a family homeschooling plan and a personal life plan
  • Group classes at Abot Tala
  • One-on-one meetings or tutorials with Abot Tala staff
  • Use of Abot Tala space for socializing and study
  • Invitations to all trips and special workshops
  • Support to design and complete private academic projects and curricula
  • Support to find volunteer work, jobs, and internships outside of Abot Tala
  • Support to find classes and activities outside of Abot Tala
  • Long term support for alumni teens and families


Abot Tala is being started with the guidance of Liberated Learners.  North Star Self Directed Learning for Teens was started twenty years ago by Ken Danford.  He then set up the Liberated Learners to help others around the world initiate centers like North Star.


These are the programs that Ken Danford and the Liberated Learners helped set up:


If you are interested, please email me at:

Check out:

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