Hero’s Journey 2018 Version 3.0


From February 3 to 10, a dozen kids from China, majority unaccompanied by their parents, flew to Manila with three teachers from Tianjin and joined the Hero’s Journey camp 2018.  The third we have had thus far, it combines the best features from the first and second camps, striking a balance between fun outdoor activities and art.  Combining improvisational theater and shadow play, facilitators drew stories from the children that were woven into a performance that brought out their voices and imagination.

We started from Manila, drove to Prado Farms in Lubao, Pampanga where the kids fed pigs, rode a carabao-pulled cart and swam in the pool.  Next stop was Casa San Miguel in San Antonio, Zambales where we had river trek, cove and island hopping, workshops, performances, games on the lawn, tricycle rides and a surprise birthday party orchestrated by the children themselves.  We wished we all could have stayed longer at the next destination at Crystal Beach, San Narciso where we had bonfire, movie night, sungka, swings, frisbee and loads of time chasing the waves.  Treetop Adventure at Subic produced the usual effect of fear first and pure ecstatic enjoyment after.   Last stop was MOA where Kultura (pasalubong shopping), Jollibee (the favorite meal) and Toy Kingdom (Mom, I need more money) were the orders of the day.

We look forward to more Hero’s Journeys in the future and there will be more detailed accounts coming up from this quite dormant blog.   Since my family and I made a transition from China back to the Philippines, I have remained silent on WordPress but will soon be back with reports about the camp as well as updates about self-directed education.

2 thoughts on “Hero’s Journey 2018 Version 3.0

  1. Hi! My name is Yuki. i live and study in Tianjin. im japanese. my sister and i would also like to join your next heros journey. how can we join and how much should my parents prepare for each child? thanky ou.


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