Three Cheers for Chinese Camp!


Chinese summer camp is over.  On the seventh day, parents picked up their kids in Jixian and were treated to a performance we were so proud and happy to witness.

Every day this past week, seventeen children studied Chinese calligraphy, two types of Chinese flute called taodi (for the boys) and xun (for the girls), two types of Chinese checkers called weiqi and wuzeqi and a type of martial arts called taichi.  They also had sessions on robotics, training in first-aid as well as a life coach.  They wrote a diary everyday and discussed about their dreams and what they want in the future.  They had five full-time and three part-time teachers.

The camp is surrounded by mountains so they trekked up and did their taichi against breathtaking backdrops.  They fixed their beds, did their laundry and ate meals prepared by a really good cook.  The parents had lunch on the day we brought them and picked them up so we know and trust they had good food plus a lot of watermelon.  The parents were updated daily with loads of pictures coming in through our WeChat Group so we felt “fangxin” knowing the kids were relishing the experience.

At night, teachers came in to check that the kids were asleep but one of the monitors recounted the time when a group of kids woke up at 4 in the morning to play weiqi.  The TV remote controls were collected at night to make sure they don’t watch but Joshua told me one of the kids had a cellphone that could control the TV so they were able to sneak in time to do the forbidden which is classic summer camp fare.

Aside from the growth and maturity I notice in Joshua, the other wonderful take-aways from this camp are these beautiful souvenirs that he can enjoy for always.

This is the calligraphy work Joshua produced during the camp:


Jimmy wasn’t able to join the camp because he’s still too young, but when he’s 8 years old, we’d let him attend.  The day before we picked up Joshua, Jimmy drew this:


Read more about the camp in Chinese: Shan Shui You Dao

You can watch the video here: Shan Shui You Dao Video











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