On With the Journey


The first two days the moms were away from the children, it was quite okay but on the third day, a bit of anxiety crept in and all we had to console and assure ourselves were photos the team at Casa San Miguel sent through Facebook.  Some of the moms had never been separated from their child so worry was natural and justifiable.  The kids seemed busy with workshops and rehearsals, and appeared to be having fun as well. So on went the moms with their journey, with a tinge of trepidation matched by the coming rains.

Chinese travelers predictably tire of foreign food after a few days, so I arranged for the mothers to cook at my Tita Lens’ house in Subic.  We went to the supermarket at Harbor Point mall and the palengke ng Olongapo, then proceeded with culinary experimentation making do with what was available, forging on even in the absence of Chinese vinegar. The result was a happy, memorable dinner with my aunt.

On the fourth day, we were wondering if we could return to Casa San Miguel earlier than planned and stay there for the night.   We used the excuse that we didn’t have a booking plus the dorm-type arrangement might not be acceptable to some moms.  In the morning, we passed by Crystal Beach and thankfully everyone got excited with the wide beachfront and the rustic accommodation was not a problem.  I’d love to bring Jason, Joshua and Jimmy there to surf.

At least, we accomplished staying away for four nights and hurdled the urge to switch plans.  Coke requested that we keep to the original schedule because they still needed the time to get the kids ready for the culminating activity.  He didn’t want the kids to lose their focus if the moms came back earlier.  Somehow, it wasn’t just the kids having their Hero’s Journey.  The moms are on theirs, too.


This last photo was taken at the Subic Park Inn which I thought was a cute, homey, sweety-sweet kind of place moms would like.

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