Hero’s Journey Version 2.0


For almost one month, I couldn’t blog because aside from wrapping up various assignments, I was preparing for our second Hero’s Journey.  The first one held last February had a group of parents and children from mainland China touring Southern Luzon with four facilitators who played games and organized activities for the kids so the moms and dads were hands-free to enjoy their holiday.  The kids got to practice their English in fun ways, outdoors, on the beach, exploring new places with four adults-in-disguise who have actually been running summer camps for children for a number of years.  The kids went back to their parents when it was time for bed or when there were joint activities like laser tag.  Otherwise, they were partially separated during the day time.

For the second Hero’s Journey, we experimented with what we envisioned as a more realistic heroic challenge where the children are separated from their parents for several days.  The kids participated in art, music, theater and shadow play workshops at Casa San Miguel while the parents toured Bataan, Pampanga, Subic and Zambales.  They eventually reunited for a culminating activity where the parents saw the fruits of their children’s labor.

My Chinese partner in this endeavor, Donna and I felt this type of bespoke tour was the more challenging one to implement and more truthful to the Hero’s Journey we envisioned.  The children and parents seek the hero inside themselves apart from the comforts of “home,” entering an unknown world and anticipating a transformation.

More stories to come!  Playing catch-up with more than a week’s worth of adventure!

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