Last Camp Hurrah


We camped in our tent three times in California and we’ve been trying to find camp sites since then but it was too cold heading north and when we finally reached the east coast, the camp sites in the area still closed.  We’re on our last weeks in New York and the weather has settled into a comfortable spring nearing summer so we resolved to search for a place and found the perfect one in Beaver Pond Campground at the Harriman State Park not too far from the city.  We also wanted to maximize our last days with Eve, our Chevy Avalanche who has served our family so well these past three months through almost 10,000 miles of adventure.  Parting with the best vehicle we have ever had would be quite difficult so we wanted a last hurrah with her and celebrate the outdoors.

NYC was too much city for Jason who preferred the empty roads through stretches of land and mountains, and the forest of trees rather than the canyons of buildings.  In Beaver Pond, we biked, pitched our tent, cooked corn and sweet potatoes over the bonfire, followed the water from a dam rushing down through rocks and had a stretch of beach all to ourselves because it was just a few days shy of Memorial Day weekend so the summer revelers weren’t out in full force yet.


Before we found Beaver Pond, we got caught in a whole day of rain so we took shelter at the Stony Point Center, a multi-faith retreat and conference center that was such an amazing find thanks to a bad, smelly motel that turned us off and led us to find accommodation elsewhere.   Stony Point Center had a meditation room surrounded by trees and deer romped on the grass, chewed on the leaves, stopped and stared at you. The reviews of the place were also accurate because we were able to confirm that the food they served in the canteen was really quite good, much better than the ones we’ve been having in some restaurants.

The first time we went up Bear Mountain State Park, it was pouring so we went back the next day when the skies cleared and the sun opened the curtains so that we may be mesmerized by this green expanse which with eagle eyes, we could fly over.

Before driving up to the Bear Mountain peak, we stopped by and biked through the Iona Island right at its foot, in the middle of Hudson River — marshland and moss, a bird sanctuary to boot.

So what a way to go and celebrate our last days with Eve in gardens of Eden we keep discovering one after another, within our reach right here on earth.





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