Lithe as a Squirrel or Just Nuts


Because of our shared mountaineering background — it was Acela who introduced me to AMCI, the adults enjoyed the Adventure Park to the hilt as much or degrees perhaps a teeny bit greater than their sons.  It was more technical than we expected — the clip on, clip off made me nervous if I’ll ever get the hang of it but after practicing several times, you do get a knack of it enough to simply enjoy the experience of walking on cables and barely there bridges at different heights within a lush forest studded with these man made adrenaline-pumping structures designed to blend in beautifully with nature while giving humans that tree-dwelling, I’m-as-lithe-as-a squirrel feeling.

Except for the clipping mechanism which was a cleverly conceptualized providing utmost safety, everything at the start was a walk in the park.  Then it got more challenging towards the end and I was gripped with fear on the sled that had to be pulled and wobbled, screamed to the end.  Joshua was a natural on the hanging sled because it was like surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding in the air across the trees.

I’m putting in a lot of pictures to show Laksmi.  Maybe we can do something like this at the Gopala Learning Haven.  Jason would love to work on a project like this.

Check out the Adventure Park at Long Island!




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