Soul Saving Grace


I don’t know if they can appreciate the grandness of it all at their age – this massive piece of gorgeous park in the middle of a dense concentration of skyscrapers, giving sanity to the madness of concrete, glass and steel but it’s enough that they enjoy the playgrounds, boulders, grass and the bike ride that took us from the Museum of Natural History where parking was a bargain all the way to the south corner of the park to the reservoir and to northernmost portion and back to the parking lot which cost us $34 but would easily have cost double in other places so it was very much worth it lugging our own bikes on our pick-up truck to this magnificent model of urban design, urban recreation, urban soul-saving grace and generosity of Central Park.   How did five-year old Jimmy manage to complete the round?   Lots of breaks and bribes of hotdog, ice cream and telling him we’re almost there.




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