New York Shorts (or Blog Bottleneck)


Five blog entries behind so need to make another shortcut, breeze by, fast forward through days relished to maximum capacity — reunions with sister, nephew, cousins, aunts, friends from mountaineering days, friends from high school days.

Abigail guided us up the dam and later showed us how to do stop-motion animation with her phone and Minecraft figures.  We are able to meet up with Denise and Basti who were doing a rock and rolling tour of west and east coast universities.

Every few years or so we meet up to remind each other how good life truly is.

Thanks to Ninang Lin, we got to see the fantastic Lion King and be mesmerized by the extreme concentration of creativity and talent in this tiny island of Manhattan.

We enjoyed the outdoors with my friend who introduced me to the art of mountain climbing.

And it’s finally real that this trip is coming to its end.  We found a buyer for our beloved pickup.  Just as we planned, we bought it in San Francisco and we’re selling it in New York.

Jimmy celebrated his fifth birthday with Gambel, Jun, GJ and Kara at Medieval Times, full volume cheering the jousters on.



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