Brief but Meaningful


Brief but meaningful, blessed and beautiful — that’s our stay in Boston.  Auntie Inyang and Uncle Pabling opened their home and hearts to us.

Auntie Inyang’s daughter, Jocelyn took us to nearby Duxbury beach where the kids frolicked in the sand and rocks.  We may not have reached Cape Cod but it was right across the waters of Cape Cod bay.

I took my family on a sentimental journey thirty years ago when we lived in Peabody Terrace with my dad, stepmom and stepsisters.

We enjoyed the Cambridge Public Library where parking was not only convenient for walking to Harvard Yard.  Jimmy found playmates and we read lots of books, relaxed and un-rushed.

A graduate of Harvard and Yale, Rick reviewed my PhD thesis proposal and it was great to finally meet him and have sumptuous Indian buffet to celebrate his birthday one day in advance. He drove me around and showed me Cambridge teeming with memories from the past.  For him, places resonated with stories of unrequited loves just like mine does in Cambridge Rindge and Latin High.

Even if they met for a short while, Jimmy misses Kiley and keeps asking us when he can see her again.






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