Every day, Joshua and Jimmy looked forward to Aidric coming back home from school so they can play, even if it was just squeezing shoulder to shoulder watching the tablet screen or looping round the house or annoying adults by commanding Alexa to play Moana or Paw Patrol songs.  So when they had the whole Saturday with Aidric, thank goodness the sun came out so they can bike in the park abloom with flowers since spring has sprung.

The boys first met in Dagang where we lived before and where Aidric’s mom, May is from.  May travels to China to see her parents every two years and meets up with old classmates like Jason.  May and her husband, Bill took us to Jack’s Abby, a big, happening place in Framingham for craft lager lovers.  Jason and May prepared jiaozi (dumplings) which their neighbor, Jordan enjoyed tasting.  May baked strawberry shortcake while Bill baked pecan cake.  Aidric has a number of extra-curricular activities like theater, cub-scouts and swimming so Joshua and Jimmy maximized their time with him.

Leaving this family was a longer than usual, more beautiful than usual goodbye with the three kids flying a styrofoam airplane outdoors and making videos of the flight, with Aidric pulling Jimmy in the little red wagon and the adults soaking in the relaxing atmosphere under the sun.


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