Quickie but Meaty


Some people think that our stops are too quick while some people might think that the whole trip is going on too long.  Jason feels four months would be better and more relaxed but I feel three is way more than enough.  There may be stops that are quicker than others but that doesn’t mean the quality is less.  Take for example Niagara — our stopover just lasted a couple of hours but we were able to bike along the promenade plus as recommended by Kenneth, we biked down Niagara on the Lake which followed the river going towards the falls.  Jimmy talked throughout the whole time biking with a new friend he made.

We stopped by Albany for a day to visit one of the schools on my list and after, we had lunch at the food court of the architecturally significant government building which reminded me of Brasilia in its bold modernism tempered by the perk that you can ride a Coney Island antique-type carousel for free.  Museum entrance was for free, too.

After visiting another center for self-directed learning in Sunderland that was on my list, we serendipitously came across a brochure for an RC indoor/outdoor park that happened to have races every Thursday.  Toys for the big, burly boys!


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