Wolverine’s Dinosaurs


Thanks to Lally, we were able to visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study (JICS) where Lally’s two children go.  Lally’s daughter, Avery and her classmate, Toby gave us an extensive tour, raving understandably so about their impressive school which was awarded the best laboratory school of the year.

The ROM as it’s fondly called, has a deconstructivist front.  A giant cube teeters, half-threatening to fall with glass windows seemingly placed at random by Wolverine’s swooshing, swashing weaponized knuckles, but once you go inside and witness the dinosaur exhibit, it makes perfect sense with the light and angles showing off pre-historic lineage.

I have to make a separate blog entry about JICS at the heart of Toronto but the list of things to blog about has become rather overwhelming again.  After the laboratory school in Toronto, we visited the Albany Free School in New York and the Macomber Center in Massachusetts.  It’s one talk with one amazing educator after another.

Toronto’s breathing space: downtown is made oh so enviably livable with a long lake shore park.


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