Maroon 4

It’s not the ocean but Lake Michigan.  Four lost souls like Maggy, Milly, Molly and May looking for themselves in the sand, infinite blueness, pebbles and driftwood.  Drifting, maroon-like but sledding with all the joy of bright green plastic at the Warren Dunes State Park.

Our time in Chicago was super short but meaningful because another family took us in at such short notice and through the grace of my stepdad and his Auntie Inyang and Uncle Pabling. Thanks to Joanne, Jon, Allyn, Dean and Dylan for taking us to the playground and introducing us to the best deep pan and best thin crust pizza in town, Lou Malnati’s which sounds suspiciously like illuminati.

A stop in Chicago no matter how quick, won’t be complete without a visit to Florence whom I had not seen since she left Tianjin over eight years ago and who misses China as much as we’ve missed her.  She showed us the scarves she knitted for the North Dakota pipeline protesters and gave us one of her beautiful paintings.  We watched President Obama’s first live public appearance since the who cannot be named was sworn in.


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