Gentle Souls


Events have overtaken my blog.  There are more pictures to post from Illinois to Toronto and more stories to tell than I have had time to write about so the moment passes, the ideas flit by and I don’t know whether to pick up the pieces going backwards or to move forward as fast as I can to catch up.  Forgive me if I don’t do justice writing about this beautiful family and I do have much to tell but my head right now is spinning with life-twisting, life-altering choices.

I was going to rave about the gentleness of Laura and how I wish I had her patience with kids. She played a mystery face guessing game with Joshua and Jimmy, drew chalk figures on the ground and let Jimmy stir the muffin mix in her caring, gentle tone.  Her husband, Hossein is ever the passionate filmmaker whose love for celluloid is leading him in the next few months to that famous festival in Cannes in search of a distributor for his first full-length movie, Waiting for Kiarostami.

A kite was stuck in a tree and Jimmy was jumping up and down trying to get it but there was no string to pull on.  Hossein tried throwing a ball to knock it down and it struck me how much Hossein is a problem solver with his years of experience creating documentaries and short films.  When they moved from China back to the United States, Hossein worked as a taxi driver but his dream to make a movie kept nagging at him and he decided to follow that voice.  It was a miracle that he was able to find funding and finish a movie within a short period, shot with a cast of characters from different parts of the globe all converging in Ningbo.  The spirit of the acclaimed Iranian director, Kiarostami must have been guiding him.  The finished film is Hossein’s tribute to his dear friend who passed away last year and led Hossein eventually running back to their shared devotion of storytelling.


Memories from Huntley: strawberry crepes, homemade muffins, Janan’s football practice, Jason’s jia jiang mian and tudou si taking us all back to China, biking in the park, instant Easter egg hunts in the backyard and conversations that are food for the soul


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