Yet another free park to compensate for the over-long drives through great swathes of land.  Miles and miles of almost nothing but gorgeous land may be enough for adults to appreciate but kids need their energy expender and the generous park in Helena, Montana does that perfectly.

I stayed on the flat path while the kids, my three boys, went up and down the Vigilante Bike Park.  As it says, it’s for Vigilantes only, not for those cowering in the safety zone.  Is that a metaphor of some kind telling me something?

The previous day, we stopped by a river where fishing hobbyists and fanatics came.  All over this gorgeous land, there were stops in the middle of nowhere.  Again sorry for that term. Nowhere seems so negative but it’s a relative description.  In the midst of nowhere, there’d be clean bathrooms with toilet paper, as in rolls of toilet paper locked in place and plus heavy duty picnic tables.  Ah, developed nations.  It makes my mind wander about the economics of development that allows such seeming luxuries possible and wonder how an under-developed country could possibly catch up.

I’m getting better at long distance travel and keeping the kids occupied while practicing and building their reading skills.  But it’s still not enough for them to stop wanting to get off the car in relief.  And it’s still not enough for me to wish we could have just limited our trip to the west and east coasts because that’s the urbanite in me.  But again, look at where it’s taking us — places I wouldn’t have chosen to go personally but we are chugging along, learning just fine.


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