From Sand to Snow


The same bright green sled slides down sand one day and snow the next.

It looks like a picture-perfect extended holiday but photos do not reveal the backstory of whining in the car, short-fused tempers, altercations over unintentional botches and stress thinking of folks back home who are equally stressed that we have been away too long on a seemingly frivolous journey.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me either but the purpose comes back in moments unblocked by doubts, vivid and lucid for a while and then fading to gray, waiting for tomorrow’s fresh light.

The Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort monumentally lived up to its name.  Most of my skiing fears and tension were swallowed by the limitless breadth of the winter landscape.  Plus, at the back of my mind, I heard Tita Jona’s encouraging ski tips on how to relax, jump and glide, moving your hips from side to side.

When Jimmy emerged from the bathroom of the ski resort, he ran into a long-haired guy in a wheelchair.  Jimmy asked him what happened to his legs which were cut-off close to his torso. The guy said a train ran over him a long time ago but he could still ski.  Jimmy asked him how and the long-haired man explained he has a specially designed chair attached to skis.  The man demonstrates how he does it leaping from side to side in his wheelchair.  He goes into the bathroom and Jimmy follows him and again asks in innocent curiosity how he uses the toilet. That was the cue for me to call Jimmy out.

Before driving through Death Valley, we made a quick stop in Las Vegas.  I wanted to avoid this town but I couldn’t.  It worked out well though since it was a kind of entrance-free trip to Disneyland and Epcot with all the imitations of famous sites around the world and the free-flowing live entertainment.

We are so very grateful to Tita Baby for preparing such a wonderful Kapampangan feast for us in San Diego and letting us use her house in Las Vegas.  We were able to rest well after two nights of camping in the desert as well as enjoy the lights of the town otherwise known as Sin City.





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