Beckett Bounding


When blonde-haired, wide-eyed, seven-year old Beckett came bounding with excitement to welcome us at the gate of Sky Valley Resort, we knew we were in for an awesome time at Desert Hot Springs.  The tiredness from the three hour ride vanished as Beckett’s mom, Lesley even prepared Mexican lasagna for us and drove us to our mobile home in a golf cart.  After our delayed arrival at night, Joshua and Jimmy’s exhaustion turned into pure, bubbling glee taking their cue from their exuberant new playmate, Beckett.

This amazing experience is once again courtesy of the Worldschoolers Facebook group. What are the chances that my son’s new playmate would be named after one of my most admired playwright?   Waiting for Godot was the first play performed when I entered freshman year and it blew my mind.

Together with her parents, Lesley spends half of the year in the California desert during the winter months in Canada.  They go back home when the weather warms up so they get paradise both ways.  The pools in the resort are fed from the hot springs.  Ducks and black swans swim in the ponds.  The houses are small but the whole desert if your backyard. Life is simple and sweet.

Beckett is homeschooled so mom Lesley tries to arrange activities that allow him to interact with as many children as possible.  In Calgary, they had a homeschooling co-op while in California, there’s the friendly community of RV and mobile home dwellers.

When Lesley said that we would be staying at an RV park, we were ready and eager to camp out in a tent in between RVs.  Then she said that there are no spots for tents and booked a mobile home unit for us.  I thought it was our chance to experience life in a trailer but I soon found out that a mobile home is not an RV.

Presenting: Spiderman and Elastic Man!


My husband, Jason is the new ambassador of China to the United States.  In our trip, he is singlehandedly showing off Chinese cuisine and the Chinese art of tea.  His hot pot is a certified hit on the road!



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