Worldschoolers Unite!


Ashley rides a tuk-tuk in America and has two boys, Jacob and Teddy close to the ages of Joshua and Jimmy. They have chickens in their backyard and are selling their house so they can travel the world.  What are the chances that our family, who just sold our house to travel (partly) would meet their family?  If you belong to the Facebook group of Worldschoolers, the chances are pretty high because that’s where all the crazy, looney families are lurking and posting as they gallivant or plan to gallivant across the globe, children in tow.

Ashley responded to my post asking who might want to host us in exchange for an authentic Chinese meal cooked by my husband.  If you say yes to the universe, the universe conspires to give you a blast of a rollicking great time: rough play, shark in the bath tub, Pokemon cards, Popeye cartoons, popping bubbles, chasing Minnie the dog, three kids sliding sitting on a palm tree frond.  You get intercultural exchange at its finest — making dumplings, getting lessons on how to use chopsticks and the art of Chinese tea and for those visiting America, maximizing time in a quiet town on Imperial Beach and seeing San Diego in new light.

For Ashley, it doesn’t matter if her family doesn’t approve or support this dream of hers. She’s following her heart which tells her to simplify her life to be able to enjoy more time with her sons.  Going against the grain would always have its detractors but we go against the grain anyway because it brings us peace.

Saying yes to the universe yielded two additional bonuses, the first one was the tour of the YMCA Surf Camp which Jacob was attending.  At the end of the tour, I wish my children and I can attend that camp, so I’d have to arrange a way for us to bring the Hero’s Journey from China and the Philippines to this part of the world.

The second bonus was a bike ride through the gorgeous Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve.   We just have two bikes from Goodwill so Ashley lent us their bikes so our family could enjoy the trail together.  We have to go to more thrift stores tomorrow to complete our set soon.  More trails await.





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