First Campsite


We’ve gone camping many times before but this is the first time in the U.S. plus there’s an almost twenty day send-off being spoiled by friends and family before we reached that point in our journey where roughing it out finally begins.  Right on Lake Elsinore before hitting San Diego, we set up the six-person tent generously given by Tita Jona.   The place is one of the RV resorts in the area which allows pitching a tent by the shore.   Camping in a first world country is quite different from the third world experience.   Aside from bathroom and laundry facilities, you’d notice in the details, rules and regulations how the whole recreational industry is quite developed.

Our camp spot is almost too good to be true by the lake, mountains behind and wild flowers abloom.  At night, our neighbor approached us and let us use their fire pit because they were heading back to their RV, so we stayed up roasting potatoes and sweet potatoes warmed and entranced by the dancing flames.  Waking up to a tent slowly heated up by daylight was difficult and packing up was slowed down by the scorching sun.

The advantage of camping versus staying in a house is that the kids forget the tablet and TV and play with whatever they find.  Whenever we stay at other people’s houses, they request for screen time even if toys and play things abound.




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