Claire’s Lair


Claire found the perfect place to be and live, not to mention do kickboxing and achieve a black belt in hapkido, a Korean form of martial arts.  It’s by the beach where the palm trees tower over the land that yields flowers and succulents that are feasts for the eyes and soul.

She took us to the harbor to have fish and chips and then we covered three different spots along the coast.  A music club of senior citizens congregated beside the yacht dock and played, rather appropriately on their instruments, California Dreamin’ as Jimmy and Joshua climbed the trees.

Claire took us to the farm with pot-bellied pigs and a miniature horse.  We clambered up the tree house and played with the sheep dogs, London and Chandler.

The playground close to the beach was up next.  Metal lizards crawled along its entrance. The boys built structures with driftwood bathed by the warm orange light of the setting sun.

For those tempted to check out this area:


We went to Shoreline Park, Santa Barbara Harbor and Carpinteria State Beach.




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