Reaching Claire


Now I understand why it’s better to take the scenic route instead of the highway.  At first, I thought why shouldn’t we take the faster route especially since Google Map kept reminding us that the winding road through the mountains is thirty minutes slower. Google Map told us three times as if it couldn’t believe we refused to follow its expert advice but we were greatly rewarded by our stubborness with awesome views that make road trips what it is plus a peaceful, relaxed, no-rush drive.  It’s more stressful on the freeway with the noise of vehicle volume and the endless straight stretch.  The only disadvantage but worth foregoing is the disappearance of Spotify because the signal dropped.  Claire, who was waiting for us at the other side of the mountain ranges was worried where we were because we should have arrived two hours after texting her that we started the journey.  I couldn’t call her but we eventually made it to Santa Barbara.  Thanks to Egay again who highly recommended it, we chose the long-winding but gorgeous route through the Los Padres National Park.

Before heading south, we stopped by the park at Riverwalk in Bakersfield for our picnic after doing our requisite visits to Goodwill hunting for bargains.  We got a used bike for $25 which was immediately put to use at the offroad path following a stream.   Parks like this make the sin of creating such a car-dependent society almost forgivable.


I can’t thank Egay and his family enough for our amazing stay in his home and for all the pabaon.  The kids had a blast in their own playroom filled with toys Egay’s son, Gab had outgrown.  Joshua discovered Steven Universe and keeps singing its theme song while Jimmy got his fill of Paw Patrol.   We are also especially grateful to Egay’s mom for showering us and our journey with prayers.






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