Then and Nows


These throwback pictures are a hoot put side by side current ones trying to recapture the exact position like what my childhood playmate and I did when we met up in San Jose. She’s the Hello Kitty to my Little Twin Stars.  This road trip is shaping up to be like Guy Smiley’s This is Your Life segment in Sesame Street where I’m meeting up with people from all stages of my life: Childhood, High School, Comm Arts, Nottingham, Architecture, Palafox, Mountaineering, DSWD and China (TEDA and Dagang).

We’re staying at Egay’s right now.  He’s the guy who’s always been such an achiever in school and continues to be in his career in the US.  He has always been overly generous with his talent and time and now, spoils my family and me by stuffing us with an endless supply of food.

Yesterday, Egay led me to finally getting a music streaming app on my phone.  After telling him about the fun my kids had with Alexa, he shows me how Siri works similarly to satisfy your every musical whim.  I realized that the power to harness audio materials is essential in road trips with two kids who get b-o-r-e-d during long rides so I buckled down choosing between Pandora and Spotify.

I am pretty slow to warm up to new technology and it’s silly that I only learned how to download apps last month because of my brother RM and how to use Spotify because of Egay but at least I’m using them with a vengeance.  I found the solution to the problem of downloading not enough audio books for my kids through this streaming app.  And we can do karaoke in the car to keep us sane and insane through miles and miles and more miles.




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