Meet Eve


She’s the fifth member of our family on this major road trip so she deserves a name.  Since she’s an Avalanche, I thought Ava would be perfect but her black and white, sleek, modern body despite her 15-year age reminds me of Wall-E’s romantic interest so let’s call her Eve. She’s been lovingly maintained with a new set of tires and though second-hand, to me, she doesn’t look it.   Add to that, she’s a limited North Face edition whose design details (e.g. dashboard, seatbelt, etc.) our outdoorsy team appreciates.  The middle wall inside the truck can be removed so the back doubles as sleeping quarters if needed.  We are simply happy we found her in a second-hand dealer off the expressway between Sacramento and San Francisco.

We don’t have to go out of the way to see beauty.  It simply is all around us — this land that in Chinese literally means beautiful country, Meiguo.  Yesterday, we stopped over a roadside Farmer’s Market and the San Luis Reservoir before reaching my architecture classmate, Egay’s place.




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