Ode to Jareth


When Cotton and I were in high school, we swore to name our sons, Jareth.  We were that smitten and obsessed with David Bowie’s goblin king in the movie, Labyrinth.  We also volunteered to dance in class, wigs on our heads, singing to Sonny and Cher’s, I Got You Babe.  We ended up, not with Jareths but Jade, Noah, Joshua and Jimmy.  I thought Jareth would be too hard for Chinese people to pronounce.  It feels good to be reunited with a long-time best friend and see our kids playing together.

We found the perfect strategy to counteract the rising cost of travel — home cooking!!!  Jason has found his calling as a chef bringing smiles to hungry stomachs longing for aromatic, fresh, simply unbeatable Chinese food.

Cotton took us to the Discovery Museum, a perfect way to let kids expend energy and for parents to catch up on years of stories.

The kids appear to be almost mini-me’s but they are completely unique beings unfolding before our privileged eyes — privileged to be a part of such miracles.  Motherhood has changed Cotton and me.  We bask in it, enjoy and naturally struggle with it.  We cannot help but bring something from and at the same time escape the past.

And Jareth?  He still lives.  Of course, David Bowie does.  In his songs and the dreams still left on the back burner waiting to be fulfilled.







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