San Fran


San Francisco is San Freakingexpensive!   Thank goodness, my friend, Edmund introduced us to Goodwill, the chain of second hand stores all over the country so in case we need anything, it’s easy to get at non-shocking cost.  Coming from China and the Philippines, the price of everything from food to non-food is quite astronomical.  My Ninong Ariel was spot on about my slightly underestimated budget but hopefully as we find ways to save, daily expenses will decrease.  We got a second-hand pick-up truck that we could sell at the end of the trip to recoup the investment and beat renting.  We went to the Chinese and Asian groceries to get supplies so that we can cook for ourselves instead of eating in restaurants.  I didn’t realize how “Chinese” I’ve become until I stepped into America and started missing good, affordable, varied Chinese food on the third day.

Aside from having a family bonding adventure, the other purpose of this trip is to do my research on alternative forms of education.  I was so looking forward to going to Tinkering School after listening to the TED Talk about it but they never replied to my emails and we were turned away at the door because the kids had a field trip.  We’ll try to catch some sessions in New York because the Tinkering workshops are offered among homeschoolers over there.

We stopped by 826 Valencia that is a Pirate Supply Store fronting for a young writer’s center. It’s a great community-building initiative which links young people with writers through workshops and tutorials.  They come out with published anthologies of stories and poems created by the kids themselves.   I love the bustling creativity oozing out of San Francisco pores but exorbitant parking limited our time to tarry.  After depositing a few quarters into the meter, I rushed back to refill.

Next stop is Cotton’s place, my highschool BFF whose kids, Jade and Noah are near the ages of Joshua and Jimmy.  They have a blast playing.



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