Touchdown SFO


At the back of my mind, I worried somehow that it wouldn’t happen.  The tickets we bought were fake because they were too cheap, or there was something wrong with our passport or visas, or Trump would say something and they’d ask us to turn around and go back.  But we made it to San Francisco!

Our four-hour layover in Taipei was made super pleasant by the airport that had everything you could wish for – a gym, Xbox, free WiFi, art exhibits, playground and interactive activities for kids that included stamps of the Chinese horoscope animals and making prints of Taiwanese scenic areas by rubbing.

This is our first long haul flight with the kids.  All our flights before were less than five hours but this went smoother than expected thanks to Plants vs. Zombies and an endless supply of movies.  When I was their age, airplanes only offered one choice of film and there were no personal screens or game consoles.  Now, they even have WiFi on-board for a fee.

When we got to the SFO airport, lining up in immigration took more than an hour.  We got to the car rental area, picked one company after comparing three options, hopped into a fresh-smelling car and drove off into the night.  Two hours after our GPS aided drive, we arrived past midnight at Edmund, my architecture buddy’s place near Sacramento.

We used to love architecture like a number one mistress but now we slept with another. Edmund started a business and I’m going into education.  Hanging all over Edmund’s home are his gorgeous photos and design details throughout the house tell us what a gifted eye he has.  We walk around his peaceful, suburban neighborhood nestled amongst gently rolling hills, sadly off limits to pedestrians, but we don’t need to go anywhere else.  Home is enough.

 Amazing treats at the Taipei airport: can all airports be this way?

Jimmy says he doesn’t want to leave Uncle Edmund’s place anymore.



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