More Map Tweaks


Somebody’s having lots of fun with Google Map!!!

We haven’t left the country and I’ve tweaked our route two times tonight, the night before our flight.

The map went from this:


To this (when a friend from Reno, Nevada invited us over):


To this (when a cousin from Vancouver replied to my FB message):


So who knows when we actually get to the US, how much the route can still change depending on spontaneous invitations and surprise opportunities such as meeting a famous children’s book author in Malibu.  A nine-year old friend gave Joshua a book that we all enjoyed reading together.  After rolling in laughter over it one night, I got the sudden urge to email the author because he lived in Malibu.  I asked him if we could visit him and he replied promptly in the affirmative.  So indeed, who knows what connections are ripe for the making.

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