Three More Days



This is it!   Three more days and we embark on a journey we have been preparing for a year. It’s been a journey in itself doing all the research work, mapping routes (ad infinitum), getting suggestions from others, downloading audio materials for the long drives, hearing both encouraging and discouraging words from family and heartfelt support from friends.

Just to put things in perspective, here are two links — one about a family who planned to travel for six months but cutting their journey short by a month and another family who has been on the road for ten years.   Two extremes.  We don’t know where we are going to fall but each family is unique.   The journey we planned is four months long but there are days when I wonder if we can make it in three and go home, finally settle down and do what we promised the boys after the trip — get dogs.

Why it’s okay to end a family adventure early

A family of 11 traveling around the world since 2007 (Yes, you read that right. 2007, not 2017.)

There is the romantic notion of living the nomadic life and there is the reality of packing bags, hopping from one place to another.  We can always combine the best of both worlds and have a home base and travel periodically as well as locally.  We shall see the next chapter soon!

And here’s a reminder how and why this all started:

Why we’re driving around the world (in segments)

All my life, I’ve been trying to find my Ikigai, my reason for being.  I’ve tried studying different things, ventured into various jobs, failed businesses, prayed for enlightenment and direction when I felt lost and unsure, but never experienced that sense of fullness that I longed for that’s best illustrated in this Venn diagram below.  I know people whose circles have merged beautifully in their lives but in mine, the circles float around seemingly unconnected and disjointed even if I have pursued many things with passion and purpose.  This project gives me hope that the circles will draw closer to an intersection.


Some people, no matter how I explain still don’t understand why we need to take this trip. Some people, without even expounding, leap for joy in their hearts for us.   I, too, do have doubts and fears but there’s also courage and faith in the great unknown.

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