Launch Pad


Over ten days and not a peep from my blog.  We’ve officially launched our series of international travel, our dream to go around the world in sections, with our trusty backpacks. Unlike other road trips we took locally in China, I didn’t have the time to pause and write. Overwhelmed by 500 photos of the journey and how to resize them for easy uploading, the first order of the day was to learn via YouTube how to resize multiple pictures in a jiffy. Instead of telling the story through words, I’ll cheat in this article and let the pictures do most of the talking to let me catch up more quickly with the backlog of stories.

From our current town of Xishuangbanna, we first flew to Kunming, a bigger airport hub and the capital of Yunnan province.

Then on we went to Hong Kong to link up to the flight the morning after.  We had to stay overnight in this overpriced, overly cost-prohibitive city of seemingly highly stressed individuals. We knew next time, we won’t choose a flight that stop overs in a place this expensive or we shall just sleep in the airport.  Still an exercise in making the most out of everything, we explored the area and tripped upon a mall’s art exhibit that made the stay in the nearby cubicle of a room bearable.

Anyway, the best TRULY is yet to come……


…..because we’re off to Bali!

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