How My Lola Loves Me


The blog can be used as a form of cloud storage especially for people who need to be as portable as possible.   I don’t have a cloud so uploading photos onto my blog gives additional security on top of the external hard drive.  So here’s a book that I made after my grandmother passed away in February 2011.

My Lola was one of the greatest lovers I know.  She loved to love.  She lived to love.  She embodied one of the hardest things to master: unconditional love.  Sometimes it is so easy to say we love someone but what about somebody who is difficult to love, unlovable even, somebody whose redeemable qualities have all but disappeared?  What then?   Lola is a difficult class act to follow.  The challenge she gives us seems quite insurmountable at times.  But she gives us courage and she always taught me to lift everything up: “All for thee, my Lord.  All for thee my Lord,” she motions with her fingers puckered together in a kiss towards her heart, again and again, everyday, never tiring.




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