It’s Now Official


Last October 17, Joshua was officially enrolled at the Global Homeschool (formerly TMA Homeschool).  It felt like a truly momentous step for us because not only was it delayed several times and unexpected hurdles threatened to thwart our efforts that day as well as some weeks back, but also because we were able to do it as a family.  The hurdles, like other obstructions in life were merely there to test our resolve.  Jason, Joshua, Jimmy and I trooped to the Fun Ranch where their office was conveniently located with a selection of activities for kids.  While Jimmy was at the playground and Joshua was taking the diagnostic, Jason and I spoke with our advis0r, Ani who oriented and gently reminded us of our responsibilities.

We signed a teaching commitment which binds us to “be actively involved in educating” our children, “teach the required subjects” and allocate “2 to 4 hours for primary graders.” Since March of this year, we have been “unofficially” homeschooling but the actual enrollment imbues it with a formality that holds us more accountable for our actions.  We have requirements to fulfill and can’t be too casual about it.  We now have quarterly power point reports to produce (November, February, May and August) and grades to give.  It pushes us to be more disciplined and less lackadaisical, more proactive and less reactive.

I am extremely grateful that our advisor, Ani is thorough and patient in following through, giving updates and reminders through emails and texts.  It feels like somebody is holding our hands through a process that can be quite nerve wracking for beginners.  Despite the now official status, Ani’s fundamental and most important message for us is to relish and enjoy the time with our children.

This coming Saturday, October 22, we’re excited to attend the Philippine Homeschool Conference where veteran homeschoolers Deonna Tan-Chi, Joy Mendoza and Bo Sanchez will be speaking.  Andrew Pudewa is coming from the United States to share his insights from homeschooling his own seven children.  As the director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, he has “helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students’ skills.”  Don’t hesitate to bring your kids along to the conference because there will be an area for them to express their creative, artistic and energetic selves.

Three weeks ago when I was supposed to choose materials to use from Global Homeschooling’s well-stocked bookstore, I had an epiphany.  This was the second time I was choosing and the first batch of workbooks that I got didn’t work well for us, so I hesitated and searched online for alternative resources.  I found time4learning which may be a good solution for certain homeschoolers who travel a lot.  After comparing it with other online programs, I paid and Joshua has been on it for more than two weeks now.  It’s proving right the positive reviews it got from actual customers.

The other resource that we love as a family is Backyard Science, an Australian TV program for kids with lots of episodes available on  youtube.

Here are some pictures of Jason doing some of the experiments with Joshua and Jimmy and us on enrollment day. 

Can’t wait for the conference tomorrow!



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