Pottery Peace and Green


We’re on the fifth day of our journey of South Luzon looking for places to include in the Hero’s Journey camp.  The WiFi situation has been a wellspring of frustration so it’s only now that I can finally blog again.  There are way too many pictures to share from a hyper-filled route that covered two towns in Laguna and Quezon, two beach areas in Batangas, three team building camps, several stopovers in Tagaytay and Cavite.  This first batch of photos are from two pottery places: Ugu Bigyan’s home in Tiaong, Quezon and Cornerstone Pottery in Silang, Cavite.

I don’t know if these sites would be included in the final itinerary of the camp but visiting both were a joy. What is it about a potter’s life that inspires serenity, always involving lush greenery?  Is it something in the motion of making pots that leads one to calm contemplation and an abiding love for a living environment?

Ugu Bigyan’s home in Tiaong has a number of garden gazebos at the back where people can dine in a true artist’s sublime garden.  Read about the sumptuous food served at Ugu’s from Our Awesome Planet.  Sadly, we didn’t get to try the feast because we just walked in that day.  To eat there, you have to make an advanced booking.

I researched about Cornerstone Pottery Farm because I wanted to find a pottery place closer to Manila than Tiaong.  The place is a lot smaller than Ugu’s but quite a delight, too.



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