Limbo to Leap


That’s my sister and I feeling like we’re on a roller coaster ride but actually we are sitting on a most comfortable, chic rubber sofa.  That’s analogous to life.  We think we are falling off a cliff, screaming for help but actually something sustains us in a sea of calm.  We are anxious in limbo but actually we can take a leap of faith into an unknowable unknown.

For some people, unknowns in life are scarier than death because death is something known if one has faith.  But unknowns in life can be trickier, can hound you like a dog that doesn’t stop yapping and can fool you into doing things you shouldn’t be doing.  There are some people comfortable with unknowns.  All the endless x’s and y’s don’t faze them. They don’t churn out infinite permutations to assure themselves that they are prepared for each and every possibility.

What happens when the chill meets the un-chill?  The un-chill tries to fake enjoying the ride until it becomes real.  Never mind the reasons not to because they may just be overdone rationalizations.  Never mind what other people say because where did that ever get you.




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