Biblio Freak

If I were not a homeschooling mom, would I be as obsessive-compulsive about amassing books for my kids?

I don’t know but I certainly am more fixated about getting as many books as I can whenever I pass by second-hand bookshops.  The Book Sale in MOA is one of my favorites, being well-stocked and near our house.  I got six books that I thought would satisfy my hunger.  (Note: MY hunger, not my kids’ but the books are for them!)  But then I discovered Biblio at the U.P. Town Center.

Usually when I go through stacks of pre-owned, pre-loved books in a shop, it would take several flips and some time before I find something I like but in Biblio, I grabbed almost every other book in sight with greed.  It was too easy to sift through the treasures like diamonds loosely scattered on the surface and there was no need to dig through muck.  I ended up with twelve books but I had to stop myself because it could have readily doubled without self-restraint.  Plus you get a free cup of brewed coffee for every 300 peso purchase but I skipped that since I didn’t want to lose time with the books.

I’ve never seen so many Magic School Bus books in a used bookstore which made me ecstatic because in China, the brand new ones cost a fortune and here, there were all under a hundred pesos each.  One of my favorite children’s book, Twenty One Balloons by William Pene du Bois was also there sitting in the basket, waiting for me, knowing that I’d come save him from being an orphan forever.  If there is one book I wish every kid (and parent) could read, it would be Twenty One Balloons because I want them to step in and get lost, like me, in the author’s wild imagination.

While wading through the selections, I called up my friend, Jen because I found books that her daughters might love because my sons loved those too: “When You Give a Moose a Muffin” and “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff.  I also tried calling up Bunny because we once braved a dusty warehouse to find books for our kids but now, here was a nicely interior-decorated space where you don’t have to sneeze or suffer an ounce.

And that’s just the children’s books I’m going through.  Since I started using a Kindle, I stopped buying books for myself and just focus on purchasing physical books for my kids. Finding Biblio, I’m tempted to go Kindle-free for a while.

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that Biblio is quite far away from where we live. I’d save money if I can’t go there as often but then I’d miss the thrill of being reunited with my childhood friends.  Being a homeschooling mom, I have a perfect excuse to splurge on books because we don’t have textbooks. I curate our own library and make up the curriculum along the way.  I can hog all the books I want for my kids.



This is their Facebook page: Biblio

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