For the sisterhood of “Where are you?”

Do you go on auto-pilot ticking off as many things in a to-do list

That you forget the most important thing that doesn’t even warrant

Entry into the phone’s memo pad reminder

Quiet time that’s thrown out the window the moment calendars get filled

Productivity in disguise

We step out of the umbrella despite the fact

“Somebody dreams great dreams for me”

Sin is a tiger that pounces on you and has pinned you down

Can I write without bothering to join spaghetti streams?

No syntax, just this

Snake shedding skin after skin after skin

Till grace finds us willing

To take a kiss

Removing weeds of selfishness, impatience and

The hardness of the heart crumbles

We are all saving each other from the brink of self-destruction

I’m Cain and not Abel as I want to

I can die pretending

Or I can live on hope

With mercy at its back breaking wave upon wave

Until the stone is polished serene










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