Lakeside Serenity


The entrance to this guest house would be easy to miss unless you knew exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s a narrow wedge between two houses.  The people who flock there, like modern design pilgrims, know what they’re after — that pure, minimalist serenity by the lake.

The guest house is called Chao Feng 嘲风 and it’s at the end of the road leading to one of docks by Erhai lake and not too far from the Old Town.  This was the first hotel I saw in Dali because the owner is Jason’s friend so it was the initial stop we made.  Since then, I’ve seen many other guest houses in Dali just as architecturally stunning but this one will always have that unique “shock” value as we entered it late at night after a twelve-day drive from north to south of China.

These pictures were taken more than a week ago but I’m posting them now before leaving Dali for Kunming.  We have to pack our things again and try to fit everything like a puzzle at the back of the car.  I wish Jason and I didn’t bring as many things and we could’ve guessed which ones are not so useful before embarking but I guess it’s only hindsight that affords you that luxury.  After that, experience should teach us that “less is more.”




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