Calling Jedi Mind Trick



Today we tried to get out of the Dali tourism bubble but we failed. We tried to look for a place to rent instead of staying in a guest house where the daily rate drains the budget faster but we didn’t find any — yet.  We ended up scouting other inns in quieter areas because the first one was beside a construction site. The whole town is in constant renovation with more guest houses sprouting up to satisfy the demand of increasing hordes of tourists.  It feels the whole town is overwhelmed by tourists but thankfully the waters running down from the mountains are still clear and there are spots where you can go down the steps and drink from the well.

I feel uncomfortable being on extended holiday mode. I hate being a tourist and wish we can start life as a local or even a semi-local — as local as we can muster.  We don’t know anyone in town except for Jason’s friend who’ll only be back in a few days. Hopefully, the homeschooling internet contact I made will lead us to a more “real” life, not mere fantasy. We’re scheduled to meet tomorrow.

I’m posting these pictures of beautiful places but the enjoyment has run dry but I think it’s only me.  The rest of the family are okay but I feel anxious and fearful, spooked to my bones so I pray for guidance.  Why were we led here by stirrings in our hearts?

When I started out in Dagang Youtian, it took a month or two to adjust but we had family there, plus it took pushing myself to find friends and have meaningful conversations with people around.  Now I’m hit with the adjustment blues in postcard perfect Dali.  Calling the adjustment bureau.

Oh, why did i ever get out of my comfort zone?  It was easy and convenient in Dagang where everything was in arm’s reach and I could drive around.  At the start, I refused to drive, petrified of getting lost.  So I guess it’s just a matter of getting over this adjustment hump and work to find what makes life here tick, not as a tourist but as a regular family making our way through.

I call on the super power of my friend who can make friends even without a common language. He’s a Jedi at connecting with people and compared to him, I’m a social klutz.

Where do I ask for help?  Who do I ask when most people are transients and day after, they’re headed to distant homes. I’m just letting fear overwhelm me. Breathe in one day at a time.  Tomorrow. Hit. The. Ground. Running.

Try tonight, too.

All fear is manufactured in the mind.  Activate heavy-duty resourcefulness.  Networking prowess, get out of the shadows.

These pictures were taken today.  You wouldn’t think there’s any problem.  Well, there’s none — nothing a Jedi mind trick can’t solve.




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