One Last Surprise in Chengdu


Before leaving Chengdu, we made one last stop to visit Jason’s friend who, a few years ago, sold his outdoor sports shop in Tianjin and moved to Chengdu to open a youth hostel. From the outside, it was quite hard to believe what an explosion of creative, crazy fun design it was inside with backpackers in its heart and mind.  In the colorful reception area, you can climb a wall, play pool, table soccer or relax in the loft space where an inviting hammock fronts a long aquarium.  If we weren’t heading for Dali, I wanted to take off my shoes, plop myself into one of the bean bags and read my kindle.

Brightly painted container van walls ran throughout, a sharp contrast to the old style floor inherited from the original building user. It was adaptive re-use at its extreme fit for the extreme adventurers it serves.  Most rooms have a loft space for sleeping accessed by a compact and playful stairway that would please mountain climbers, tree house lovers and the audacious child in each of us.  An almost secret glass-floored balcony can be reached through a ladder from the kitchen and you can imagine story-filled balmy nights under the stars.

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