Manic Writing


I just wrote my ninth article on APDEC and there are two more to go – one to share photos and the other about the homeschooling mom who won the bid for a blog entry during the auction last Saturday night.  Why am I writing like crazy?  At the same time I’m writing, I’ve been packing all our things, preparing for our big move from north to south of China, the official start of our dream to go around the world.  I can’t stop writing because once we leave our house, there won’t be a stable 24-7 Wi-Fi.  We’d be staying in hotels or camping in our tents and then I don’t know how often I can take time out to write.  So I want to finish everything before leaving.

Today, I’ve been able to write courtesy of our neighbors who have taken Joshua and Jimmy in to play with their children.  Yesterday, I finished the bulk of putting most of our things into boxes.  Today, it’s my husband’s turn to put the boxes into storage.  I can write in peace while all this is happening.

After APDEC, my idea for the trip has been simplified and things have been added into the itinerary such as a visit to Summerhill.  From the start of this project planning, the target number of countries have dwindled from 30 to 25 to 20 and now it’s down to 15.  The time frame also has gone from 4 years down to a year and a half which is advantageous from an economical point of view.  We can always do the other countries another time in the future.

Through APDEC, I realized a short-cut.  Attending conferences is quite an efficient use of time. It allows me to interview a huge range of people involved in the field of alternative education.  It allows me to prioritize certain schools over others so I don’t have to cram the trip with too many schools. At the end of the day, we still don’t know which plan would hold and I should just stop being OC about planning.

I thought I had learned to let go of my control freak self through Simon’s help but it’s still there.  Another friend tried to wake me up by shredding into pieces my power point print outs of routes.  I still managed to insert doing these excel route updates in the midst of manic packing and manic writing, like somebody is chasing me and I can’t stop running.

I wish I was back in the forest.





How many times have we moved homes?  Each time, the boys have a rollicking fun with the boxes.

Here’s the evolution of the plans to go around the world:




I think I’m just turning into a documentation freak!

Notice the progression of simplification from the plan prior to Plan A and then I tried to do IDEC and APDEC in 2017 (Plan B) but the shortest, most streamlined and economical plan thus far seems to be Plan C.





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